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Troop 32 Merit Badge Chart

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Troop 32’s Trip to the Wright Patterson Air Force Base

In November 2015, Troop 32 visited the . The Wright Patterson Air Force base is located just east of Dayton, Ohio. The museum, located on the base, holds over 300 air crafts from the Cold War, both World Wars, early flying, and spacecraft. The museum allowed the Scouts to take a journey through the world of air crafts from 1903 to present-day air crafts. Other than just being a museum, the Air Force base is also the location of 22,000 people on active duty. Located on the base are homes, shopping areas and even a bowling alley. The scouts were given time to explore the base and learn about how man learned how to fly.


Troop 32 Grant Pilgrimage Trip

Grant Banner 2015

Grant Banner 2015

On the 22nd of April, Troop 32 made their annual trip to the U.S. Grant Pilgrimage 2016 – One Nation Indivisible in Galena, IL. Thousands of Scouts went to walk the town and explore many different scouting activities. There was a very realistic Civil War reenactment of a battle that took place in Galena. Saturday morning, Scouts had the opportunity to explore the many shops and food Galena had to offer. There were information hunts to participate in, where Scouts walked around town to talk to Civil War reenactors and gather information for a prize. In the afternoon, there was a Scout parade where Troop 32 lined up to march with all the other Troops down Main Street. In the evening, Scouts headed to Galena High School where they faced off against other Scouts in a dodge ball game. Canyon Camp in Stockton, IL is where Troop 32 set up camp, along with several other troops. The weekend was a great opportunity for the Scouts to learn, explore and interact with other troops as well as learn some history.