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Learn How to Save the Oak Trees at the Forest Preserve

The mighty oak tree was once proclaimed king of the forest. When did that change? Did you know that today oak woodlands are in serious decline?

Join district naturalists from 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 17, at Dick Young Forest Preserve. You’ll learn about Oaks, the different species, what is being done by the Forest Preserve District — and how you can help.

Registration is required. Learn more about registration at this web site.

Devil’s Lake Anniversary Hike and Campout

Devils Lake Boulder View

A number of scouts from Troop 32 took the challenge and participated in the Devil’s Lake 52nd Anniversary hike on October 3rd as well as camping later that evening. Devils Lake Boulder ViewTogether with approximately 1,700 cub scouts, girl scouts, boy scouts and adventurers they traveled 14 miles at this event. The hike elevation started at 650 feet and climbed to an elevation of 1,400 feet. That’s the vertical equivalent of a 75-story building and our scouts did it twice on two sides of the lake!

The challenging and rocky bluff trails provided awe-inspiring views of beautiful Devil’s Lake and it’s surrounding landscape. The day was gorgeous and allowed us Devils Lake Boulder Viewto capture some great photos. The long hike on the pristine bluffs was followed by an evening dance in the historic and newly renovated WPA pavilion. We had a great time participating in this event with so many scouts and scouters. Each participant completing the 14 mile hike was awarded a special multi-colored anniversary patch.